About Us

BSAKOO Academy (aka: Yucai School) is a Chinese-English Bilingual School in Seattle, USA.The Chinese teaching and research department started in 2009, and the English teaching and research department started in 2019.It has now developed into an educational institution with a complete k-12 system. The school curriculum mainly includes: Chinese language, English language and literature, mathematics and various talent courses.

There are 9 professional Chinese teachers and 15 professional senior English teachers whose first language is English, 80% of them are working in American public schools and private schools. The school provides both online and offline teaching, and the current students are mainly located in North America.The school curriculum design is rich, covering the American common core syllabus courses from kindergarten to high school.More than ten years of brand, focusing on curriculum design, education with heart, especially focusing on cultivating students' soft power, welcome to pay attention and consult.

English teachers are experienced and dedicated.They are certified professional teachers in primary and secondary schools who are native speakers of English after multiple rounds of interviews and strict screening. They are familiar with the American core syllabus and have 8-15 years of teaching experience.

School Spirit

The word "Yucai" comes from "The Book of Songs. Xiaoya. Jingjing who Curcuma. Preface": 「Happiness cultivates talents. If a gentleman can cultivate talents for a long time, then the world will be happy.」

The teachers of BSAKOO Academy (aka: Yucai School) adhere to the teaching style of combining happiness and rigor to pass on knowledge and principles of life.

“育才”二字出自《诗经.小雅.菁菁者莪.序》: 「乐育才也。君子能长育人材,则天下喜乐之矣。」


Our Purpose

Speaking and writing

Flexible teaching

Expanding diversity

Emphasis on ability





Chinese Teachers

There are 9 on-the-job Chinese teachers in the school, all of whom are professional Chinese teachers. They have decades of practical teaching experience at home and abroad. They are very familiar with the learning characteristics of overseas children. They are willing to start from the children's learning characteristics, be serious and responsible, and teach students in accordance with their aptitude. You can ask for the teachers' resumes by contacting us.

全校在职中文教师9位, 均为专业中文老师, 有数十年国内外实战教学经验, 对海外孩子的学习特点非常熟悉,愿意从孩子学习特点出发, 认真负责,因材施教。可向学校微信后台询问教师师资简历。